My Hobbies

I have been playing classic guitar for five years.

 It is possible to listen to my music tracks on:


I created a blog regarding all my studies in machine learning:

The topics are:

  1. Correlation between high level of education among Young Adults and social problems of our society
  2. Machine learning using health data: a decision tree using SAS
  3. Random forest using SAS
  4. LASSO regression using SAS
  5. K-Means cluster analysis

I have also a strong sensibility to environmental problems and I attended a course organized by Engineers Without Borders:The growth prospects through migrations“. During this course I learned how to build a homemade solar panel.

I’m a member of SICC (Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity). It is a scientific association whose aim and objective is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cross-fertilization between scientists and researchers interested in the theory of Chaos and Complexity.